Friday, July 7, 2017

"Moroni Did Not Stop" (Stopping Amalickiah, Phase II)

Beginning of the 19th year of the Reign of the Judges, we continue to look at the character and energy of the man we call Captain Mormon by paring the narrative to its verbal quick.

"Moroni, on the other hand":

"had been a preparing the minds"
"strengthening the armies"
"erecting small forts"
"throwing up banks of earth"
"building walls of stone"
"he did place"
"thus he did fortify and strengthen"
"thus he was preparing to support"

Mormon here pauses to sketch, with high praise, the character of Moroni.

Then back to work:

"Moroni had stationed an army"
"Moroni had altered the management"
"Moroni had fortified or had built forts"
"by the means of Moroni, became strong"
"for he had supposed"
"Moroni had appointed Lehi"
"Moroni had kept the commandments of God in preparing"

End of 19th year: the Lamanite invasion has failed, and they will not dare it again for some five years.

Beginning of the 20th year

"Moroni did not stop making preparations"
"he caused that his armies should commence"
"that they should commence in digging up heaps"
"he caused that there should be timbers, yea, works of timbers built up"
"he caused that. . . there should be a frame of pickets built"
"he caused towers to be erected"
"and he caused places of security to be built"
"Thus Moroni did prepare"
"Moroni caused that his armies should go forth"
"when Moroni had driven"
"he caused that. . . should go forth. . . and possess the land"
"he also placed armies"
"and caused them to erect fortifications"
"And thus he cut off"
"fortifying the line"
"Moroni, with his armies. . . they did seek to cut off the strength"

End of 20th year: the Nephites have never exerted themselves with such power, built so many new cities and fortifications, or been so secure. Thus far "there never was a happier time" in their recorded history. These days, a few choice years before war breaks out again, are forever remembered as "the days of Moroni."

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